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"I spent years dealing with pain. Dr.s offering muscle relaxers to help but who can function on those? Finally made an appt and met dr. Moore. He is awesome. If I had known that seeing a chiropractor would help this much I could have saved myself YEARS of pain. Tingling in my back and missing out on so much due to the pain. Not going to lie I was scared of chiropractors the whole spines and necks freaked me out but now it's like nothing... Kick myself for not doing it sooner. I'm down to once a week and feeling so much better! The staff is great! I would recommend crow wing chiropractic to my friends and family in a heartbeat. Thank you guys!"  -C. Johnston


"Dr. Moore is very thorough, knowledgeable, and professional. Amanda the receptionist is also very sweet and accommodating. He is the first chiropractor I have been to that has taken X-rays to establish a baseline prior to adjusting me. I really appreciate his attention to detail and his efforts to treat the human body as a whole!!!"  -Z.C. Knakmuhs


"I have seen Dr. Jed as my Chiropractor for over a year, I have been very pleased with his care, is very personable and will listen to you, will go that extra mile for you. Very knowledgeable in natural supplements. I was having numbness in my legs at night when I went to bed and after a couple treatments with him these symptoms decreased and at times went away. I highly recommend Dr. Jed if you are looking for Chiropractor."     -R. Banie



"I have been a patient of Dr. Jed for a year now. He listened to what I had to say and treated me accordingly. He's very knowledgeable about natural suppliants that can make your life better. Very easy going personality too. If you're looking for a Chiropractor, check him out. He'll treat you and treat you fair. "     -M. Walker



"I have been seeing Dr. Moore since October of 2013, as well as my 2 teenage daughters. I have been to a couple of chiropractors in the past but I have never really cared for being adjusted. Dr. Jed made me feel completely at ease. He is very knowledgeable in what he does and wants what is best for you the patient. I had been rear ended on my way to work back in October and an old back pain of mine came back with in an hour of the accident. A friend of mine referred me to the clinic that Dr. Moore was an associate at and said that he could help me and my girls as well. Both of my girls play tennis and one daughter was dealing with a concussion and the other daughter was having problems with her arm (tendinitis). Dr. Jed worked with all 3 of us and set up a plan for each of us individually. I no longer have the back pain I had and feel better than I ever have. The daughter with the concussion no longer has the headaches she was having on a daily basis. The other daughter is playing tennis and no longer having the arm pain she was having. If you are looking for a great Chiropractor, look no further Dr. Moore will listen to you and work with you to get you back to good health. We miss him very much."     -D. Foote



"I had Dr.Jed adjust me, and both of my sons, ages 3 and 11. He is VERY good with kids. He made us all feel very comfortable and did a GREAT job. He was able to really get my hips adjusted well and stop my low back pain! Also got a great neck adjustment, no more headache! I would definitely have him adjust my family again. Sent my husband in as well. Thanks Dr. Jed!"     -Ro H




"I have been seeing Dr. Jed for well over a year now and I have nothing but the best things to say about his work. I had always been a little skeptical of Chiropractors, but after seeing Jed the first time, I knew I would continue seeing him. The treatments I received from him have improved the way I feel and will continue to use his services. I would highly recommend him to anyone and everyone."     -W. Swart



"I was in the area on vacation and began suffering neck pain and headaches after sleeping on an uncomfortable air bed all week. I called and talked to Amanda who was able to get me on Dr. Moore's schedule that day. She was very friendly and helpful! The treatment from Dr. Moore helped tremendously! I was able to enjoy the rest of my vacation without pain or headaches!"     -J. Chapman



"I wasn't a big believer in chiropractic care as my mom had used the services for many years but never seemed to see much improvement. However, after having some serious migraines, neck, and upper back strains, I decided to give it a try. Dr. Jed helped me tremendously taking care of those issues without setting me up for a lifetime plan of requiring treatment. I trust Dr. Jed with my care and continue to seek his services even though he has moved to the Brainerd area. Trust is key and Dr. Jed has my trust."     -C. Epsen


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